Hey guys do you know any goo songs to play and chill out? Y'know, when you get back home after a tiring day and you wanna play something and relax. I really need some relaxing songs, any recommendations? and oh btw I want something relatively easy to play on a classic/acoustic guitar..... Thanx
something from The Beatles... or some Bob Marley like No Woman, No Cry... some Jack Johnson... Sublime - What I Got
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I usually just lay on my bed and make up a simple little chord progression and then elaborate on it, just kinda play what I'm feeling. That's not really what you're looking for but to me it's more relaxing to just let my mind wander and improv than play an actual song. Might just be me, but give it a shot
Why is it that every week I see a new "chill out songs" thread? Use the goddamn search bar.
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Yeah i posted a thread like this...i got a few good responses....one way sunset soon forgotten by iron and wine...it takes a little practice but its a nice song....if you find any other good ones let me know

Anything by Bob Dillyn.
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