West Texas is" Buddy Holly land" and everybody has picked guitar at one time . But West Texas is also "OIL" territory and everybody who picked guitar is now in the oil patch making a fortune off of that hundred dollar crude .
The guys(and gals) who know how to play and AREN'T involved in the oil fields are members of bands already or are independent contractors who play when called if they aren't too busy traipsing off to Hobbs NM. for a bit of gambling R&R .
My ol' pal worked with Elvis , Jerry Lee, Johnny and the gang at Sun records back in the '50s. I hung around and picked at places like the Rubyat in Dallas in the early sixties. Then we got all respectable . UGH!
Now , we would like to make some money from the private parties thrown by the "OL" company's and country clubs and "civic" orgs.
These pay Best. If you're a pro I don't have to explain this to you.
We need dedicated folks to make us(and themselves) some monies this summer !
None of this "I'll see if I'm free that date bullcrap . We want guys and gals that will come thru ..and see us thru our "Golden Years" and maybe land a gig or two in Austin
and a sit-com on Fox...or MTV (if anyone still watches..they certainly pay those people, don't they?)
We need a drummer, lead and bass to make some good money . If you're uglier or older than us..that might work in your favor . ...unless you're female.....Well , my pal's single.
We are both "MEDIA" people . I have worked here for darn near thirty years , and my buddy more than that ! He on TV and myself on radio(because I have a Face for it)
By Golly I'd like to get a new Telecaster by winter..will ya help me ?
Our stuff consists of a lot of CCR and "oldies (if you're not familiar with CCR you need to check out.
THE KILLER>>>>>....
My ol' pal and I expect you to show up for practice and the actual gig...sober .
Yeah , I shoulda put that up front but at my age I forget stuff...By sober I don't mean just alcohol....you know where I'm coming.....
We are putting together a BUSINESS to make some money. WANNA HELP ?

Answer this AD .
I am attempting to hire people to work . Sounds like an AD ? Darn right !
But we love Rock'n Roll and if THAT bothers you ..sorry. Crimenetley ! What do I have to do to say I need three people and will pay good money. We're in our mid and late sixties and all we want is to put together a great band.
Lordamighty ..is their anyone out there who could play for two and a half hours for a Franklin . Thats Max for this area .
I'ts HARD to believe nobody in our area wants to make some money doing a bit of pickin' .
That's the oil business for ya . If the price of crude goes down , half the folks in this area will be digging thru their closets looking for that old guitar case.
Until that time...Ah Well..
I've seen it all before .
Still waiting for a reply and we're getting AWFUL close to those summer gigs . Surely I'm not the only one in West Texas who enjoys Ultimate Guitar..or am I ? Sheeesh !
Last chance. ANYONE wanna make some good bucks in Midland/Odessa Texas and surrounding area . If my pal and I have to use auto drums and bass and take the money that COULD have been yours ..sobeit . I offered .