Can someone with a Gibson Explorer (any) take out a measuring tape quick and measure it? I'm cutting a body of that shape and I need the closest measurements possible so I can get the piece of wood and cut it. I need the measurement with the guitar tilted the same as in the picture here:

Or if you could just measure each side out like the red lines show here:

Thanks, much appreciated
I'm sure there is some mathematical way to calculate the real dimensions of an Explorer using the graph that you made. You would probably need to know what the scale of the picture is, though, and I'm not a mathmatician. Haven't you tried google?
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I scaled the picture, and each grid square is 1.5" by 1.5". I just would like the real dimensions for assurance. No guitar shop around here has any, either :/
Here you are, made some measuring on my explorer. Theyre not 100% right but close.

Hope you can see what ive written xD

Damn, realised I made i typo, the 44 on the upper part of the guitar is supposed to be 36. Sorry.
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google cm x google.google cm
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