Poll: What do you guys think of my gamerpicture?
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It's kinda fruitiy dude, seriously change it wtf
28 67%
Meh I think it looks cute ^_^
6 14%
It's cool I suppose
7 17%
Voters: 42.
Yeah basically I've always had like a serious gamerpicture or whatever for years but starting last week I decided to change my gamerpicture to something more innocent -


If you think people are going to show concern about this, then you are mistaken.
I'm a person.
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i liked the old thread more

edit: wheres the option that says: "makes other players want to ********* you"?

they banned Butzecks?!
At least your threads are becoming a little less pointless.
On a serious note; I'd change it if it were mine, but if that's the image you want to give then by all means keep it.
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Yup, it's empty.
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There's no option for "I don't give a ****"...

Just saying...
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