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Last sunday, my friends and I travelled to Toronto, Ontario to see Iron Maiden!! We had been planning this since November and we were all jacked, obviously. So we got a hotel room not far from the ACC, got some beer, started drinking. I'm 18 years old, so I'm one year off of the legal drinking age. (Everyone else was legal except me and my friend). We had some time to spare before the concert, so me and my friend decide to walk Young str. and look for this fake ID shop we had heard about. Finally, we stumble upon it, buy our fakes (Prince Edward Island). I didn't know this at the time, but the cards would appear blank if they were swiped. So were now buzzing, we got our fakes, and were on our way to the Iron Maiden concert, something we've all been waiting for all of our lives!

We get to the ACC, we get in, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. Thousands of Maiden fans all screaming with excitement. So my legal friends decide to buy some beer (2 beer limit). So they had their limit, and couldnt buy me any. Of course, I could have waited for them to sit down, and go back, but no.. I had to be cool. I had to use my fake ID. So i go up to the cash, ask for a Canadian, and she asks me for ID. I give her the card, and she's hesitant. She walks away, and swipes it through the machine. (I guess nothing came on the screen) So she handed it to a lady with a headset, and that lady walked away. Told me she'd BRB. I should have ran, but i didn't. I waited there, until these two huge black security guards approached me. They pulled me aside, asked me my real age. I told them. They then asked for my ticket (15 minutes before the show started). After several minutes of complaning, I had no choice. I gave them my ticket, and they ripped it right infront of me, then opened the door to the lobby, and told me to get the f uck out. Here I was, alone, downtown Toronto, with NO Iron Maiden ticket. I could have easily cried! Easily. The tears were almost dropping, but I refused to give up. I only had 40$ on me. Not nearly enough for a scalpped ticket. So this is what I did. I went up to a scalper, asked him to see what kind of ticket he was selling. This guy was big, and not to be racist, but he was black. I had two choices here. Give him back the ticket, and walk back to my hotel room to cry and drink. Or I could take that ticket, and run m y ****ing ass off. I ran my ****ing ass off. I ran so much without looking back. All around the outside of the arena, and hid in an alley between two buildings. I was ****ing shaking. I waited there for 10 minutes. And then went back to the Arena, blended with the crowd, and got in. I made it passed security again, and into my section I was originally supposed to be in. I sat down, gave my buddy a high five, and Churchill's speech started. I had made it to the concert! God that was a great feeling.

Does anyone have any similar experiences?
Why didn't you just bring some 26'ers in to the concert? Or get drunk prior to the event? Or just smoke weed instead? Fool.
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Holy balls, sounds like quite the night. I'm glad you got to see Maiden though.
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Shit! Now THAT's a Maiden fan.
I wanted to go but it was 400 km's away from my home and none of my friends listen to metal. So I was for months looking for someone to go with. When I decided to go alone, everything was sold out .

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Why didn't you just bring some 26'ers in to the concert? Or get drunk prior to the event? Or just smoke weed instead? Fool.

I was very drunk and high. I was just stupid and decided to try the ID.
You're an idiot. But still, good that you made it into the show.
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wow that story was awesome man, props to you, i was at the edge of my seat, no lie.

same here

and wow, props to you man
braver man than me! i'd have given up and just cried until the security guard took pity and let me stay in the concert.


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Haha anything too see Iron Maiden! I'd never went that far though... I'd have chosen to say sober if anything. But it's good that you didn't give up
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But now that kind of discourages me from going to the ID place in Toronto like I had planned
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That's pretty damn awesome. I'm 17, and I live near San Francisco, but the nearest place Maiden was playing was LA. So I drove to LA by myself, and it was totally worth it. Then of course they announced at the concert they were playing in San Francisco in a couple months... But it was still worth going to LA, and now I get to see them again in may.
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epic story

i wanted to go to that concert, i like like 40 min away
just give me a fender and let me rip
Holy **** man. You're crazy. I think I would have done the same thing. Glad you got to see Maiden.

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But now that kind of discourages me from going to the ID place in Toronto like I had planned

good fake id will costs you lots of your hard earned moneys.. just get friends or random people at the concert to buy you alcohol. it always works. people are nice at concerts
It's great that you didn't miss the concert, I was there.. IT WAS AWESOME!

Never experienced anything quite like that though.
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medmetalmaniac has a point
i never thought about that
black guy + toronto = 99.9% sure he has a gun

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Fail for wanting to drink Canadian.

I would have thrown you out for having terrible taste in beer.
Is it me or there an "I just saw Iron Maiden" thread in The Pit at least once a week?

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Is it me or there an "I just saw Iron Maiden" thread in The Pit at least once a week?

Yeah. People think seeing Iron Maiden is a worthwhile thing to do for some reason.
wow that was an awesome concert i was there! nice story, you should have snuck in a blunt in your sock like me! man whent they played ryme of the ancient mariner i was tripping out like crazy.....
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should have left him the money at least.

o well
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Yeah. People think seeing Iron Maiden is a worthwhile thing to do for some reason.

this had an amazing story
best maiden concert thread to date
just give me a fender and let me rip
I went to see Paramore at Brixton with a lot of friends (enough people that we'd ordered several batches of tickets. It was a 4 per credit card limit). So we walk up to the door, and it turns out me and 3 others had the wrong types of tickets. We were in seating, which here was defined as something vague so we hadn't realised before. We'd already found the tickets a little odd since they had the wrong date printed on them, although the site we ordered from was legitimate so they can't have been fake. We're still not sure whether my friend ordered the wrong kind of ticket or the ticket place screwed up.

So anyway, the 4 of us leave the rest of our group and go off to sit upstairs. Put simply, the view in the seats at Brixton is shit. 3 of us tried to make the best of a bad situation, but my other friend was pissed off, so he met one of the girls we came with who had standing tickets downstairs and after about 15 minutes of talking they worked out how we could get into the standing section.

One person went in with one standing ticket, and came out with 5 more from other people already in the standing section, and gave them to those of us with bad tickets. We used those to get into standing. Provided we didn't leave, this meant we all got in. It was a good gig. And we'd finished with all this before the 3rd support even came on.
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Holy balls, sounds like quite the night. I'm glad you got to see Maiden though.

That was a great story man.

woops wrong quote... oh well
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Wait, so you stole the ticket from the big black guy or what?

Yeah, my adrenaline was pumping. After the concert, we were all laughing at the craziness of the story, and I call it Toronto Rock City now. haha
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