I have my guitar running through my wah pedal then to my amp, like normal. But its making this ridiculous static sound, buzzing, its just awful. I know its the wah because when I run my guitar straight to the amp it doesn't do that. What could the problem be. FYI, its a Dunlop Original Crybaby going to a Crate V32 Palomino.
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check the bolts on the input and outputs on the pedal to see if theyre lose and since you need 2 cables, the 1 you ran through the guitar to the amp is good, but the second is screwed up
im not sure if this is the case but many times amps will go nuts with a wah plugged in for nor no reason. my old (P.O.S) fender FM212 didnt take my dunlop too nicely so i replaced it with a Fender "the Twin"
Check the batteries. My wah pedal was making this horrible screeching sound one time and changing the batteries fixed it.
Like the above said... it could be the power supply. I say this because everytime this happens to me wether a wah, or just a distortion pedal, its because my battery is dieing. Yes yes, Im a loser who doesnt have an adapter for all of his pedals. Stone me now... =P
you should really get some adapters...you use enough 9 volt batteries to be worth an adapter in about 3 weeks. an adapter is only like $25 too and the sound doesnt die