Right so here's the dealio.

Me and my band are recording a three track demo tomorrow and possibly tuesday as well and while I know that this is gonna be a bit of a scéal(Gaeilge for story), i reckon we could use some advice etc.
We practice in our drummers house and his parents were kind enough to give as a bedroom to turn into a band room .i.e take out bed, move in gear. Granted it was a really small bedroom (8+1/2 - 9ft) x 10ft. It has a wooden floor but not the really solid one. hard to explain but in a way its kinda echoey (in relation to the other ones) I dunno. Basically not the greatest acoustics to be working with..... We comprise of a drummer, two guitarists(70w line6 and a 30w orange amp)-BTW the orange amp is seriously loud it sounds more like a 50w- and me the bassist with a 35w cruiser. I've always been under the impression that the sound in the room kinda goes to **** because of its size (the sound just bounces around the walls really quickly cos of the small room). But for the past 4 days my parents were away so we moved into my kitchen for a while. A room about three times the size of the bandroom with a high ceiling and no 'echoey' qualities at all. For 4 days everything sounded really good, confirming my opinion about the sound in the original bandroom. So last night my parents came unaware to what was going on in the kitchen so obviously all the gear was made scarce well in advance of their arrival . Today being Easter Sunday we can't jam today. Recording starts at 12 tomorrow and we can't jam before that as it is in the drummers house(whose parents are also going away) and he lives in a housing estate. So thats the background. Now that its written i cant really see a huge amount of relevance but I dont have the heart to delete it after all that work

So like i said. We are recording in the small bandroom in the drummers parents house and i have already voiced my concerns about the sound quality(to ye not the band ). I can't say that i know a whole pile abouut recording so you're gonna have to bear with me. From what i know we are recording semi-live. Inside in the bandroom we are using either four or six drum mics(I can't remember which) that is apparently being fed into a single mixer which will then connect to the main mixer. The three amps are being micced up and are going into the main mixer and then once it's all done the vocals will be recorded seperately over the music. I have a couple of concerns about the whole proceeding though......

Will the drums going into one mixer over 4 or 6 lines and then being fed into another mixer impair the quality?
Sometimes with the sound being in such a small room it all tends to seem kinda muffled.... will this come out in the mics if the amps are being micced?
In relation to the second question, we are considering 'borrowing' mattresses, duvets, cushions and pillows from all our relative houses to try and quell the muffly-ness i.e line the walls with mattresses and duvets. Cover the floors with cushions etc etc etc. Will This work??

And thirdly. It's gonna be six lads with no parental supervision whatsoever. Needless to say, no healthy food shall be eaten..... For the two days we have a collection of vouchers and coupons for subeay and four star pizza. Shud we have subway on monday and four star on tuesday or vice versa or shud we do a mix???
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