i bought an LTD alexi Laiho signature 600 model

originally worth around 1300 +

but i got it for 670$ because the wood around the vol. control i broken in some, with the paint around the spot slashed off some, so its a bit cracked there. theres a dent on the wing, and 2 of the string lockers (since its a trem system) havebeen smashed out.

The reason is because some asswipe must of dropped the guitar while playing it in the store or something... anyways i tried it and it sounded PHENOMENAL, no pedals or nothing just that guitar plugged into a cube 30.

however im still worried about the crack in the wood and if it might affect the tone later in the future. can it be fixed ? im not too concerned about the missin trem locks, ill order those parts, or have removed off an old ibanez and replace em. And I couldnt give a **** more about the dent in the wing cuz i just... dont.

So how much you think itl cost for the crack reparation ?
Go into your local music store and they'll appraise the damage for you. Then go to 4 or 5 more and do the same. That'll probably give you an idea as to the cost.