I just received this on March 5th. It is in excellent condition and plays very nicely. I haven't had any issues with the Bigsby but I haven't used it much so take that for what it's worth. There isn't a single thing wrong with it.

I'm gassing for other things and right now this isn't seeing as much playing time as a couple of my others. It is a really nice sounding and playing guitar.

* Electromatic Series single cutaway, semi-hollowbody
* Arched laminated maple top
* Mahogany back
* Set mahogany neck
* Rosewood fretboard
* 22 frets
* 1-11/16" nut width
* Adjusto-Matic bridge
* Bigsby vibrato
* chromeplated hardware
* Gloss urethane finish
* Chrome vintage-style machine heads

$400 shipped & insured.


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Quote by gibder
beautiful man...congrats

Did either of you read that he's selling it?
Not showing it off.

I would be all over that; I love Gretsch, and its beautiful, but I can't spend my money right now.
*whistles* if i had the money i would serioulsy buy that off ya man, ive been wanting something with a bigsby, especially a gretch
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Thanks for the compliments guys. It's a beaut and it plays great, I just don't use it.
I have not had issues with it staying in tune. However, I haven't used the Bigsby all that much so I'm not sure how it will be if your heavy with the Bigsby.
The reviews on Musician's Friend seem to say it stays in tune even when you go spastic with it. The one guy even said he thought it held up better than any floyd.
Umm...last time I checked, ebay links are against the rules. You should take it out before you get warned.
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It's a silly rule anyway.
The mod who made it just sounds like he has a personal problem by the way he phrased it in the rules thread.

Until UG gets its own auction system, the mod should stfu and deal with the fact that people want to sell on UG but want a SAFE way to get the best price they can from the widest audience.

I'll probably get warned too for being against the mod's view, but eh, it just further proves my point.
Yeh I agree completly, how many people have been duped on UG? Quite a few, ebay is alot safer.

Also I used to have a gretsch like this, mine was jet black with not bigsby, stayed in tune REALLY well, the bigsbys dont stay in tune too well if u go crazy with it (they stay in tune better then floyds my arse, unless u compare it too an el cheapo)

beautiful guitars, beats epiphone and all those other brands around that price.

awesome guitars!
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