No time to listen right now, I'll come back later.

In the meanwhile, I have a BR, and it's amazing!
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Thanks. Its sound to me like it is lacking mids and is a little harsh. Need to get some monitors to hear it properly.
Guitar playing could use some work...tone is ok...

Volume isn't as high as a standard audio track so you may want to try a compressor on the final mix to get that up and try some mastering.

The micro BR is a fair unit but only really was made to record guitar. With drums you are stuck with an on board speaker and without an XLR input you cant really use a proper mic. It's a 4 track unit but you can only track 2 at a time which I dont like.

If I ever were to get a cheap MTR it would be the Fostex MR8HD
I just sold mine, having no longer any real use to it, but when I did use it, I thought it was the bees knees. I mean, the faults you illustrated are indeed true, to an extent, but it's cheap, small, and sounded nicer than I expected with the on board mic.
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I played both both parts. I got the BR to get me away from the pc more than anything else. My wife and children like to use the pc and I needed a way to jam with myself without spending alot of money. I just use the BR with headphone for silent (for the rest of the family) practice. I hope to start guitar lessons sometime this year as I am kind of stuck in a rut playing the same old blues scale stuff and I am not really going forward anymore. In general I am happy with the BR as something to use for practice.