Hey. I've been trying to learn this song, and I've hit a road block. As a result, I've been learning other parts of the song and kind of... ignoring this one, but I really want to get this part down:


This chord is eating me alive. If I have my pinky on the 12, I can't get my ring finger on the 10, and vice versa. And those rare times that I kind of, sort of have it... the whole thing turns into a mess. Any tips or anything to make this more doable? Stretching exercises, maybe?
I'm afraid i can't really give any advice, I just tried it and it doesn't seem to be that hard to fret.

Are you trying to use the tip of your pinky by any chance? That would make it very difficult. Try putting your fingers down in this order:

Finger: Fret
Index: Baring 8
Middle: 9, on the g string
Ring: 10 on the a
Pinky: 12 on the e

When you place your pinky down, you'll probably fine that you are using the tip, but on it's side... it's hard to explian. If you dont get me from this explanation then I might post a pic but i dont know if I can be bothered at the mo (long day).
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If fretting that chord gives you difficulty and I do not want to sound like a party pooper or an elitist prat, you may be jumping a bit ahead of yourself. Asturias is a very very hard piece. I know that I'm not ready for it and lots of the people I see play it aren't either.

As for some physical advice, guitarclass is on the ball. The pinky isn't 100% on it's tip. It's on the "corner". Just practice the change slowly and you'll start to get it. There are chords much more ****ed up out there so you better get your head around practising really slowly and mechanically.
I am in the middle of learning that very song. If that one chord gives you trouble, then you might be biting off more than you can chew. So to speak.

I just hold the chord like guitaristclass said, and don't find it very difficult.
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
Yeah, more than likely you guys are right. My pinky just doesn't want to cooperate with this chord. Thanks for the advice, guys. I'll definitely be taking a break from Asturias =)

BTW - what would be some good things to help me progress?
Okay, I'm going to disagree with what the people above me have said.

I have always attempted songs that were beyond my skill level at the time. They have ALWAYS given me massive difficulties; I do not agree with them when they say that you should maybe stop working on the piece and start working on others.

My advice is to keep working at it, and keep struggling through it; force yourself to jump right through it instead of taking the long, useless road around it.

These are, of course, all opinions of method, no way is definite.
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