Hey all. This is a song that my band wrote. We won a BOTB so got to go to a local recording studio and record a demo for free which was pretty cool. Let me know what y'all think.

Song's in my profile. And I'll return critique if you want.
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Hey man,

I'm not much of a critiquer but ill give it a go!

I like:
Bridgey solo part at 1:12 is nice, fits in nicely
Vocals are good, like the way its been recorded, a little shaky but i can see where its going
When the rythm comes in at the start
Guitar soloy bridge at 2:00
The quiet bit is nice and could go a little bit longer
OUTRO! nice!

Dont really like:
The drums. Maybe just more practice? (Not real sure im not a drummer)
The intro, not real sure why i dont like the bass and lead playing the same part, but its not off putting.

Overall I like it,
Drums need a little work but nothing too major
Your sound really reminds me of someone but i cant put my finger on it.. ohwell. I like it.

Well hope you get something from that mess lol
Could you Crit mine?
"Rough Draft"
Its in the original recording section
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Keep up the good work.

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