Right now I have a stratocaster... it's nice, it has the special S-1 switching system to emulate humbuckers and ****, but that won't cut it. I also have a cheap Ibanez that sounds more in the direction I like.

I was thinking of maybe a Les Paul, just because how versatile it is? Also, owning a stratocaster and a les paul covers a lot of ground.

Any suggestions?

For those of you that do not know stoner/desert metal, just think heavy Queens of the Stone Age.

Anything with a mahogany body and humbuckers seems to be your best bet
A LP would be good
What's your budget?
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Uhh... good question.

I just got my strat last month (800 off 1400, it's the deluxe). and i was thinking of maybe trading that on craigslist for a les paul studio. but you know what? i think i want to keep it.

I just got a new job... so probably the budget will be 700 or so used. I could go buy new, but really for me it isn't a priority at all.

So the budget is probably around the 800-dollar range used.
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anything with humbuckers. the rest is all feel and fit

He's right.
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so i should only be lookin at gibsons, from what the most of you are saying?

Nah, look at some ibanezs and schecters too, maybe ESPs too. I've never actually heard one (gasp, I know) but a PRS would probably fit well too.
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yeah i was thinking of also PRS, only because i've heard how much more affordable they can be, and good quality at that.
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yeah i was thinking of also PRS, only because i've heard how much more affordable they can be, and good quality at that.

I'm sure you've heard how much more expensive they can be too then. If you hunt well you might be able to find a nice one cheaper.
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You won't be getting a good gibson for $700...
Look at the Epiphone Les Paul Customs if you like the Gibsons..they're great quality and can sound amazing..
Remember to go to local stores and try several different guitars though
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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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les paul studios go for around my pricerange on craigslist.

he used a les paul, but also gretsch i think (which he uses now). they're semi-hollow bodies, but **** if i want to get one they're like 2500. beautiful as **** though.
Virtually any guitar you want, but something with a beefy low end is going to suit you best.
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What are some Stoner Rock / Desert metal bands ?

Queens of stone age comes to mind, but i'm curious others.
kyuss, monster magnet, colour haze... kyuss pretty much defined the genre.

the most popular act around now (besides qotsa) would probably be wolfmother.

it's similar to doom metal and sludge, but a lot more fun to listen to/play. and the genre titling it total bull****, but when you say desert metal people know what you are talkin about. stoner metal works also.

and what is that, a standard sg?

it goes all the way back to early sabbath and pink floyd.
I think Josh used a Gibson 335 when he was in Kyuss. I have a bunch of bootleg Kyuss videos, and that seems to be the main one.
Gary Arce from Yawning Man uses a Strat, and it sounds great! Pick up "Rock Formations" to get a listen. Instrumental stoner/surf stuff.
Also check out Fu Manchu, Brant Bjork and the Bros, Mammoth Volume, Lowrider, Hermano, and Slo Burn.
Check out www.stonerrock.com. I found a bunch of cool music on there that I hadn't ever heard of before.
If you don't already have them, run (don't walk) out and get Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley" and "Blues for the Red Sun". Essential.
Oh, Brant Bjork also plays a Strat.
I think if you had a Strat and a Les Paul, you could probably get any tone you wanted.
You want twin humbuckers in a mahogany body, through a shagged out tube amp like an Ampeg V4, Fender Bassman, Laney GH100 or something.

Josh Homme used an Ovation GP and occasionally Gibson SGs or LPs in the Kyuss days, through Ampeg VT-22 combos. Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire) used Gibson LPs through Laney, Soldano and Matamps.
sg's, while not as versatile, are significantly easier to play, right? they dont weight like, 30 pounds either.

if i were to pair my strat with an sg versus pairing it with a lp, what would i be missing? i understand that's a really open question, but hey i'm open to all comments/suggestions.

and thanks to everyone so far. that's a good website, btw.
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Josh has been using Ovation Ultra GP's for a quite long time (I think he also used them with Kyuss) as his main guitars.

Now you can't get them on shops, but instead of that you can get Schecter Ultra or Ultra III's; they're very similar. I played "Gardenia" with the Ultra III on a Rocker 30 and sounded quite similar.
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What, set neck instead of neck thru?
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yeah a set neck instead of a neck thru whats the the real diff between the reissue and the original i want to know can you show me
No, the Eastwood has an ordinary Gibson style set neck, whereas the Ovation original has a blended set neck, where the body is shaped to have the neck fit into it, as shown. The result is it feels like a neck-through but sounds like a more-resonant set neck.
The Eastwood GP may have the look, but it doesn't sound any closer to the Kyuss tone than any LP style guitar with Dimarzio pickups. The amp, as usual, is the key anyway.

The answer to the question, in my opinion, is the Ovation Ultra GP. This is a picture of mine I bought a year ago from a clueless gentleman for $50. That's right, $50. I play this through a Music Man HD130 head with the Gain cranked to 10. I tune to C#/G#/C#/G#/C#/C# and play slow tempo sludge. This guitar will put you in a zone if you play droning detuned doom. The sustain on this beast would impress Spinal Tap. I love this guitar and will one day be buried in the earth with it.
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