Ok, So i've just about finished writing the music for this song but as of yet I have no lyrics whatsoever, and no ideas of what I could write about either.

The song is based on G Aeolian with the chorus Using G Phrygian so it sounds mostly sad with more of an angry/agressive tone for the chorus which is also faster than the rest of the song (excluding the bridge).

So does anyone have any ideas on what the lyrics could be about?

I could just do some crappy lyrics about a relationship gone bad but i'd rather do something less cliche.
Death, Satanism, Nihilism, Evil, Destruction, Doom, Pessimism, Despair, Gothic-style romance. All of these themes would fit the tone of your music. Hope it helps!
you know thats not a bad idea

(runs to write new lyrics)
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Well, i just broke up with my gf... so id sing about something about how a girl doesnt like you or broke up with you.. don't make mean lyrics tho. thats bad! good luck