i know im missing some backing guitars its just cause i didnt want to put them in there....please crit even if you just rate it on my profile thanks you

crit for crit!!!!!!!!!

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the riffage is good, but i think you really need to go back to basics and sort out your timing etc before you do all the technical stuff... i understand it was a pretty rough recording and probably wasnt intended to be very tight, but personally i think the one thing most budding guitarists lack in their playing (myself included - guilty as charged!) is tightness and ability to play to a click. it shows when you record a track, and even more so when its a cover as people already know what it should sound like

my advice is to buy a metronome or drum machine if you dont have one, and if you do, use it every time you practice!

thats some pretty awesome shredding youve got going on there so keep working at it!!!
Pretty much the same as the above^
Youve got a decent tone, and its a good quality recording.
I think if you got a backing track with bass and drums, it could help keep you in time when recording.
The Rythm sounded very good except for the timing issues.
The solo was very well played, just a few timing issues.
Loved the acoustic parts, they all seemed to flow from chord to chord.

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