I'm looking for an acoustic bass but I don't know which models are good. I would use the acoustic bass to play things like the acoustic set of nirvana and some more softer music. If anyone has any suggestions i would be happy if you could post them to me. cheers
Use the search bar/look on the first page, God damnit!. Your the third person to ask which Acoutic bass should i get.
Trust me, you dont want an acoustic bass. Unless you're into classical and looking for a cello or double bass.
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i have a cheap ass tension acoustic bass,its actually not bad at all,just i never have much use for it at gigs...
TheFitz recommended an Olympia a while back, should show up in the searches
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I’ve heard a few people recommend the Tacoma Thunderchief but I haven’t actually played one.
I have a Washburn acoustic that I use for just playing by myself or with one guitar.
Any more than one guitar and you’re gonna get drowned out though.

I think that if you’re gonna use it for gigs you’re gonna have to get a high end one and they can get pretty expensive and if you have to plug it in anyway, well it defeats the purpose then doesn’t it.
Honestly, Samick/Greg Bennett makes some good ones. Just make sure it's an A/E.
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only the tacoma thunderchief and its knockoff will be heard. Everything else sounds nice, but no one will hear you.
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I got a VERY nice Michael Kelly bass last year. it's sound is good and I've used it at a couple of gigs where the rest of the band took a break and me and the singer played.