how do u play the bends on the intro to iron man... it says bend string behind nut.. i know how to bend and i know where the nut of the guitar is but i don't understand it still... does that mean on the 1st fret bend it or what
I think it may mean you have to push down behind the nut, so it bends. I'm not completely sure though.
push down on the tring behind the nut between it and the machine head it gives a tremelo to a guitar with out a trem
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yeah, you play the open string, then push down on the bit of string leading from the nut to the tuners, on the other side of fret 1
yes thats it, you play the open string then push down behind the nut
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Quote by kirkhammett09
thats like super hard lol, it barely moves

I find it hard to do on certain guitars because there's such little room between the nut and the low E tuner. What kind of guitar are you using?
hit the open string then bend the neck toward you.

if he bends the neck it will break
your real smart
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Quote by B. Heath
if he bends the neck it will break
your real smart

You can still slightly bend a guitars neck without it breaking, but still enough to adjust the pitch.
You're real smart.
1. Press down on low E string behind the nut.
2. Sound the E string.
3. Slowly release the string behind the nut.
4. Ta-dah!
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Yup what Kanthras said, its easier to do on the thinner strings though. You could alternatively use the tremelo bar if you have one.
using the tuning key, detune the low e and retune to pitch
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