at pulse concert, david gilmour uses a red strat... what model is that?

what strats plays david gilmour?
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First, the man's name is David GILMOUR.

Then, check wikipedia:

His main guitar, much modified over the years, is a (1970) black Stratocaster with black pickguard and white pickup covers and knobs, currently with a 1957 vintage re-issue maple neck. It also includes a small toggle switch that combines the neck and bridge pickups (Note this guitar was for brief time fitted with a kahler locking tremolo system, the system was subsequently un-installed and the removed wood filled with a replacement piece of timber and repainted to match as can be noted by close examination of the guitar behind its reinstalled Fender tremolo).

His main guitar for the post-Roger Waters era Pink Floyd tours in support of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Delicate Sound of Thunder (dubbed "Another Lapse") and The Division Bell was a Red '57 reissue with a set of EMG active pickups with the EMG SPC and EXG controls fitted. On the "On An Island" tour it was used every night of the tour on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

The one you're talking about is the second one (Red '57 reissue).