I have recently decided to buy a Half stack. Anyone got some suggestions of what I should use to play some death metal/Hardcore? I was thinking of pairing up the http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-Spider-III-320W-4x12-Guitar-Speaker-Cabinet-480986-i1173578.gc and the http://www.guitarcenter.com/Crate-FlexWave-Series-FW120H-120W-Guitar-Amp-Head-104322946-i1175924.gc. Anyone got anything cheaper?? Thanks!
you don't need a halfstack...a good tube combo is all you need..
Whats your budget?
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Don't go for a cheap half stck.

Usually they are poorly made, poor sounding, solid states which aren't at all better than the lower watt versions.

The main difference is that they're louder, which isn't very useful since they normally sound pretty bad when cranked up.

On top of that, half stacks are heavy, bulky and hard to transport.

Add to that the facts that:

-most gigs that need high volume have PA systems and mics
-a tube combo can provide you with all the volume you need

and you know why not to buy one and why you should by a nice tube combo.

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i like the dual rectifiers for death metal

I reckon that they're only a few thousands out of his budget...
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you can do better for the money than that combination. hell, don't even get a half stack. you can get a fine combo for metal cheaper, and it'll sound better.
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Why do you wanna buy a cheap half stack, they suck... Save up some money and buy something thats qualitatively better...
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