I have a fender bullet, which is my first guitar, and i like it a lot. Is it popular or what cuz i dont know nyone else who has one
i don't know of any fender bullets, but i've seen SQUIER ones.
: )
i think i played one at a music store and it felt pretty good.
i didn't try an amp, but it felt like my fender strat pretty much.
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i have a fender bullet, dont use it anymore, i've had it 4 years now, and the wiring is messed up now, but it was great to learn on
My mate has a Fender Bullet - its in pretty poor playing condition, but it looks pretty interesting
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Fender does make bullets, I think I've seen a few. They're kinda rare, but not worth much money. There's no demand for them, so there aren't many around. They're simple and straightforward, it's like a less glamorized Tom Delonge model.
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I've got two of the newer model Squier Bullets, they are pretty good for the money. I'm sure not all are great though.