Anyone know of any budget tele copies for about $300? I've heard a bit about Jay Turser, and Agile TC-630. But I don't know if it's worth it to get one of those, or if they'd only be just as good as a Squier.

This won't be my main guitar, but just a backup to play around with to get a tele tone.
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I'm pretty sure $300 can get you a used MIM Fender Tele.

Yeah, I'm sure you can get a used MIM on ebay.
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Quote by AngelOfHatred
I'm pretty sure $300 can get you a used MIM Fender Tele.

Yeah, I think it should. I haven't got the chance to get to a guitar store yet, so I don't know if the places nearby will have one for that price. Probably, I guess.

But just in case I don't find anything, I'm curious about the tele copies for this price if I have to get one instead.
Check out rondomusic.com, they make some nice guitars, I have one of their Tele copies and it's definitely comparable to a MIM (and mine was only $125).

Here you go:

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If you're still looking at "tele-copies," another suggestion would be the Greg Bennett Formula. I was never really a fan of Tele's in the first place, but this one just kept catching my eye. Plays real well, and especially after I replaced the bridge pup on mine with a SD Li'l 59, can really scream.

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thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

I decided to go for the Agile TC-630. Seems to be the best value for the money, and should be close to a MIM tele, but for less. I'm getting it in a few months.
I tried out a Peavey Generation Today and it felt Great.. and sounded awesome.. if I may throw in my late Recommendation.. though its probably too late.. plan on buying it today.. the Butterscotch Blonde/Maple Neck Combo is Sex also