i think i have some kind of computer virus or trojan horse or w/e its called. i clicked on a thread and it went there. after like 2 seconds the browser goes to an ebay auction of like a tenor saxophone piece or something. does anyone know if i have something malicious on my computer, and if so what program should i use? i'm running a virus scan as i speak but i'm not sure its on any programs...w/e. i need help. Thanks

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I still haven't gotten sent to eBay.
But once I closed UG and a whole bunch of internet windows opened. I tried to close them but more and more kept on coming up so I pulled the plug on the computer.
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Use your anti-virus and scan your PC.

I'm getting the same thing, but I doubt it's a virus, spyware, adware, etc.
I just reformatted a couple of weeks ago, and I just scanned and came up with nothing. And I only get redirected while here on UG, more specifically when I'm changing pages on a thread.
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it only happens here...

thanks for the link. i thought i was the only.

Fear the LIME

Trojan horse??

Was it full of SPARTANS?
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it only happens here...

thanks for the link. i thought i was the only.

Wow, I'm glad I'm not alone... that started happening to me yesterday.
I got sent to nude male artwork for sale.

My first reaction was "who posted porn?"

There is a thread on it in Site Feedback
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