Okay so the band "Muse" and the band "Blink 182" both have songs titled "Stockholm Syndrome". Its up to the people of UG to determine which is superior. And i know the majority of you out there are biassed. So for those people i want them to at least listen to BOTH of the songs. (links to them below)
after that you will give your say and which one you like better

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome

Blink 182
definitely muse... poll would be nice

especially if its live and they throw all that riffage in
Muse. You had no need to put either of the band names in quotes, and Blink is complete crap anyways.

I haven't even listened to the Blink version but I kow they suck so I'll say Muse.
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i dont listen to either of these bands.

The muse version was heavier. I didn't like the tone of the guitar on the Blink182 version because it made it harder to distinguish the chords. And there was one chord in the progression i didn't think fit.
Considering I think Blink is ****ing terrible, and Muse is one of my favorite bands, it'd probably be pretty logical for me to go with Muse.
The intro to the Muse one is pretty metal indeed...
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Dude...are you serious ?

Muse all the way

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that song got me into muse.

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Dude...are you serious ?

Muse all the way

Yes, I'm serious. I think that Blink's singer sings better than Muse's, the Muse singer sounds so whineyish.
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Yes, I'm serious. I think that Blink's singer sings better than Muse's, the Muse singer sounds so whineyish.

I can understand not liking his singing, but there is no way you can call Matt Bellamy whiny when compared to Tom Delonge.