Soo. Im writing an article on bizarre college gimmicks you've seen to get you to apply to their school. So if anyone has recieved some crazy letter or heard anything farfetched, let me know.

I got my university offers by putting on my application that I had fantastic aplitude for learning and flaunting my superiority at various hobbies and skills.

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this one university had a great chemistry unit and great credentials and highly sought after on the old CV

i applied and was accepted
I hear that some college had some whacked question for their admission essay:

"What would you do with 1000 gallons of mayo?"

I dont know if it's true.
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these are great. but remember, i want things that colleges sent to you to bribe you to go to their school. for example, the i-phone thing...which by the way is great and thankyou.
They sent me the pinkie finger of my mother and a note that said "Last chance. You have 2 weeks."
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Last chance for idea folks. I'm about to submit it.
BTW, its for the Freelance Star in Fredericksburg if anyone is wondering.


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one college offered me an iPod nano. one of the new video ones if i applied there
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one college offered me an iPod nano. one of the new video ones if i applied there

you mean they would still give you one even if you were not accepted??~
Our careers teacher always tells us the story of one of the admissions people thingys. He said "surprise me" while reading his newspaper so he couldn't see the person who came in. He didn't know if he was talking to him or not, but he took a chance, and took out a lighter, and lit the newspaper on fire.
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