It's just the intro, but I'm only looking for comments on how it sounds.. It doesn't really sound like it to me, I've been told by other people that it sounds like it, and I can't for the life of me get it right, and out of all my recordings this one sounds the most like it..

So does this sound like Spirit of Radio (by Rush), or not?

I know one thing I did wrong which is the very first few notes, it sounds like da-da in that file, but it should be da-da-da.. If you know what I mean...

I've been trying for like 3 days to get this perfect, and I can't seem to get it.. Maybe I've just heard it so many times, I can't hear it anymore, or something..

I'm like 90% sure that if you do "da da da" instead of "da da" you'll have it spot on. If you do that, it should sound like Spirit of the Radio by Rush
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