in particular pinch harmonics. I like the sound but the only way I can get it is if I bump the mids. Think "Iron Gag" by A Life Once Lost. I hate playing with my mids up at all. Is there a way around this?

Advice is much appreciated.

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Play with mids. Those who here you will thank you.
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but any way pinched harmonics are all about technique, so nail that, you could try bumping up the gain and treble.

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high treble, plus bridge pickup... not sure... that's what i'd use. plus mids. from what i've read, it's a good idea to have SOME mids. has something to do with mixing with a full band...i think if you scoop the mids and add tons of distortion you'll just make this wall of noise and not be able to hear much of anything else...but with the mids you'll be able to create a mode defined sound. or something like that...not sure if i said that right...