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I put on a new set of strings today and I cant get proper tunning without having my bridge rise out and even then it I cant get each strings tuned.

Im using Dunlop Wylde strings: 10-46

i opened up my guitar in the back to see if I can align the springs so they will be equal to the pressure of my springs but I can find a right setting. I have three spring sin the back.,

Help PLEASE!!!
Turn them to the right
Check if the bridge is level
Have Patience

All you need to do.
turn the screw clockwise. u have to retune everytime u adjust the springs. and after retuning, check to see how far off the bridge is from being parallel to the body. it'll take a while.
Shoudl I just screw all the screws in? Then tune? screw in more? Tune?
Screw tune screw tune?
And let this be a lesson to you: If you change string gauges on a Floyd, you got issues. The springs were set to balance a different string tension. The only cure is brute force spring adjustment, anally difficult retuning (because tune one string up, all the others fall flat), examining for balance, swearing at it, adjusting string tension, rinse and repeat.
yes little by little. try 1/4 turns if ur bridge is way off, when ur closer to being parallel, do 1/8 turns.

phank: its not that hard once u get used to it.
Which tremolo version are you using? The Ibanez ZR system has a "zero point", and you can block the bridge at exactly where you want it, adjust the tension until just at the point where it's trying to raise the bridge, then tune the strings to match the bridge at that point. This is possible because the ZR is not exactly a floating bridge. True floating bridges have no shortcuts I'm aware of.
Phank, there's nothing wrong with changing string gauge on a Floyd. It only takes about 10 minutes once your good at it.
I admit I'm not good at it. Takes me a couple hours for a major gauge change (major being 9 to 11). Yeah, in 10 minutes I get close. But after that, it's like shooting at a moving target. Same gauge, yes, 10 minutes is about right (maybe 15). No spring tension changes.

Hey, I really like the Floyd Rose double-locking system, I never have intonation problems. But even the manuals that came with the guitars say, if you're changing gauges, find a good tech or chase your tail.
there aint no equation, the more u do it, the easier it gets. be patient my man.