hey finally got myself a dsl 100 but now that i have a decent tube amp ive noticed my pedals sound real tinny!!

if anybody can help with some suggestions or distortion settings i would appreciate it greatly!

i play mainly blues, rock and grunge

the pedals i am currently using are DOD grunge, supra, death metal, fuzz.

I have a DSL 50 and I love it.
You should be able to get most all of the tone youre looking for without too many pedals, for example:
I play alot of blues type stuff, and I find to get a bluesy hendrix type tone my eq is set at
Presence: 1
Treble: 4
Mid: 5
Bass: 7.5 ish
Reverb: 5

on the clean channel no crunch.
If I want a crunch, I kick in the Blues Driver.

Hope that helps.
Maybe some other people can give some suggestions.
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sweet, cheers for the help guys

thinkin of gettin a couple of the biyang pedals(sound pretty good!)

keep the suggestions coming!