hey everyone. i dont own a HD tv and i want to play my Xbox 360 in HD, so i figured that since i have a HD computer moniter i could somehow hook my 360 into the moniter, but i dont know how. maby some of you can help; and i f you can that would be great!
If your monitor has an HDMI input then you can use the HDMI cable it came with, unless only the Elite came with one. If so then just buy a cable and hook it up.
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yeh sure
1. google
2. ???????
3. profit
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yeh sure
1. google
2. ???????
3. profit

this one is great lol
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were can i buy one of those cables and how much do they cost, arent they VGa cables or something like that?
All the 360's come with component cables.

Most HDTV's come with components inputs.

It's just fucking wiring ffs...

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i just said i dont have an HDTV i have an HD COMPUTER MONITER. not a tv, if i had a HDTV then i would be playing on that. i want to know how to hook my 360 up to my moniter.
If it has HDMI, get it.

If it has VGA, than buy an Xbox 360 VGA Cable (which is just as good as HDMI if your using it on an LCD computer moniter.)
i have an LCD 720p moniter, and it dosnt have the HDMI hookups. so i think i need a vga cable. how much do those usually run for? and could i just pick one of those up at Best Buy or some place like that?
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