hello, i want to paint my guitar, and people told me pros take a lot of money! like $1000.
so i want to have a guitar like this:
my guitar is pure black with gloss finish:

how am i gonna get that black paint off? and which paint should i use? after i paint, how to i make it shiny?
thx U.G.
this should go in the guitar building and customizing forum
by the way good luck that would look awesome if it could be pulled off
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Sand it, and if you're handy with spray paint, got to a local Auto Shop and get some Acrylic Lacquer spray paint (whether it be aerosol or in an airbrush style setup).

Primer first, for a few layers, of course.
And finish it with the clear gloss acrylic lacquer from the Auto Shop aswell.
It does dry hard.
And it doesn't take as long as most say to dry.

It's fun, but if this will be your main guitar, and if it's a nice Iceman (over $1K), get it done by a pro. If you're good with paint, it's a cheap guitar or whatever, give it a shot.
I'd recommend painting an old Strat copy or whatever you can get your hands on, for practise.

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