For a Physics project (regarding the properties of sound waves), I was required to build an instrument. I built what I thought was a ukelele. It is approximately three feet long, and the body is in the shape of a coffin. The finish is a yellow to red sunburst finish done with wood stain. So, I went to my local guitar shop and saw that ukeleles are much smaller than my instrument, but guitars are much bigger. It's sort of a hybrid between the two (it only has four strings). Now that I found out that it's slightly too long to use the average ukelele string, I decided to use regular guitar strings, with the tuning of the bottom four strings of a guitar.

Now, everything on the body is finished, except for the frets and the strings themselves. I need to know: what are the guidelines for doing a fretless instrument?
Does the height of the strings above the fretboard matter at all? Would nylon or steel strings work better for a fretless 'guitar'?

If someone with knowledge in the area of fretless instruments could help me, that'd be great.

Thanks and sorry for the wall of text.
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Well nylon strings would have less wear on the wood then steel.

Nylon would work better in this case.

And that whole thing sounds awesome. post pics!
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Alright, I'll make sure I use nylon.
So, there's not any special thing I've got to do to make the fretless notes sound good? I mean, won't they sound like they're being palm muted, or not make any noise at all?
And I'm already going to make the nut deeper... I made the nut, and it ended up being about an inch too tall. Everything on this guitar (except the tuners) is homemade, so it'll be a small miracle if it works. Either way, I'll try and post pics in a few days.