Hi,This is my first post and I hope you knowledgable lot can give me some assistance.I recently purchased this SG style Bass quite cheaply. I am an average guitar player and know very little about Bass guitars.
Firstly I would like to know if anyone can identify this Bass.My guess would be early 70s Japanese ..but which manufacturer ...? It has absolutely nothing written or stamped on it apart from a badly painted Gibson logo on the headstock,presumably from a previous owner.
I really like the sculpted look to the body and am hoping this feature might make it more identifiable.
A previous owner has drilled holes to move the bridge further down the body...I dont know why they would have done this...Is there a valid reason for this modification..
That of course leaves me with the extra holes to contend with..I dont want to completely respray the body and my idea of covering the holes is to fill them and then apply some sort of sticker over the top to hide the ugly mess...Any other suggestions apart from a repaint would be welcome.
Also I was curious as to the type of wood on the fret board,it seems quite light in color and I am useless at identifying timbers.
The guitar seems to function very well ...pickups and electrics all working..although I am playing through a regular amp as I dont have a Bass amp.
I like old beaten up guitars so a few scratches and dents dont overly worry me and I prefer to keep vintage items in as close to original condition as possible.
Hopefully I have given enough information and I look forward to your comments and replies.
I'm not really sure what make or model etc.


You ask about when the previous owner made this extra holes in the body. Maybe because the SG bass is short scale maybe the old owner calculated the difference in measurement for a typical 34" long scale bass.

Well thats the only idea i got.
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That shape with those contours is pretty badass for being a ghetto guitar. Try sanding off the gibson logo, see if you can make out anything on the headstock. Try using wood putty to fill in the holes and such. The fretboard looks like rosewood, just really light.
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I'm no expert, so I could be completely and totally wrong, but that sculpted look makes it seem to me that your bass, while really good looking, is a rip-off. Especially if there's no insignia or anything on it other than something painted on. But if everything works, maybe you just got a cool, one of a kind bass. But keep looking, that's really interesting.
Whatever company made it, judging by the headstock, got in a shitload of trouble and probably doesn't exist anymore. That's a prototypical Gibson moustache/open book headstock there.
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Whatever company made it, judging by the headstock, got in a shitload of trouble and probably doesn't exist anymore. That's a prototypical Gibson moustache/open book headstock there.

Really? The head looks much longer than an average Gibson headstock, which for some reason makes me think it might be a Danelectrico.

I would venture a guess that it is a fake Gibson. While that means it is entirely worthless, it is a one of a kind bass, and extremely unique.

Edit: as for the bridge, he moved it furthur down the bass because most SG basses are short scale, so moving the bridge extends the scale to average. If you like the bass enough, you could get a custom pickguard that extends over the holes.
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Filling the holes and then painting over the wood filler wouldn't be incredibly difficult to do, but if you don't want to mess about with that, then +1 to the custom pickguard.
It looks like an interesting bass, anyways. How's the balance? That's one of the flaws with normal SG basses-the neck dives towards the floor.
If you plan to keep it, invest the money in a practice amp...otherwise, you'll really regret needing to buy both a bass amp and a new guitar one when the speaker tears itself apart with the low frequencies. (Well, damages itself, anyway).
Thanks for the replies so far .... I hadnt thought of the custom pickguard - great idea..
I cant believe that this Bass is a total mystery ... surely someone has seen a similar one before ...