I want one so bad!!! the prices have been raised though, so i'm probably not going to get one anytime soon.
it's a cool toy, but it costs too much for something that I wouldn't use very much. You can get a very similar effect by using a vibrator, available for about 1/5 the price at your local sex shop.
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Umm they are hella cool, but so hard to use. It takes alot of practice to get it to sound good. kinda like a Wah, but harder.
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If he even admits she's hot, we have another problem altogether.

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I would hate 3D porn.
*unzips guys pants*
*giant shlong in your face*
"It's coming right at me!"
i wouldnt get one after watching this....it was one of the related vids.


blahahahahahaha... i can just imagine the cheesy voice-over

"are you tired of having to pick all the time.....well no more..........."