YEAH! Sens ftw!!
And TS, its freaking awesome is why fights happen
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ha, football players are pussies.
hockey fights get everyone pumped, and i think since they hit more in games, tension builds so they fight.
but who the hell cares, as long as they keep doing it!!!
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Basically, awesome sports have fights: lacrosse, hockey, boxing... Cup stacking...
becasue it's part of the game. it's also sending a message so that people are scared to hurt your star players becaseu they are scared your gonna ****ing kick thier ass if they do.
its basically a big part of the game.

EDIT: beaten to it ^^^
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Well, it supposedly gives momentum to the team whose player wins the fight. Sometimes it does actually work.

I play hockey myself and even in my age group there is tons of fighting (no dropping the gloves or taking off helmets but sometimes they really go at it).

I find it stupid and usually pointless, unless I'm at the game. For some reason being there makes everything way more intense and enjoyable, even the fights.

Anyways, I find that it just gives a reason to allow the less skilled players a chance to play in the bigs.

Skilled players > fighters any day.

EDIT: I should also add that no matter how much people like myself bitch, fighting will never be gone from hockey, 'cause apparently it's a necessary part of the game.
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.
to me, hockey is the most physical sport, it involves almost every physical act you can do, then would come rugby (never actually watched, just no its brutal) then football
no fighting in hockey would be like touch football = gay

Go sens my city ****in rules!!!!!11 (with montreal close behind)
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no fighting in hockey would be like touch football = gay

Go sens my city ****in rules!!!!!11 (with montreal close behind)

it basically turns it into womens hockey
You can't call american football a contact sport, it's just a load of skinny white kids wearing caravans running around aimlessly. They wear so much padding they don't actually make any contact.
Go Flyers!!!
I'm from Philly I remember that watching that game. we owned. That was da best. They ran out of players, everyone was ejected 4 fighting.
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