Wierd question i know but..... it seems like i can only play guitar for an hour or 2 and then im bored, but then an hour later im craving guitar again, are any of you guys like this? Do you think famous guitarists like slash or yngwie are like this?
I can't play for more than 10 minutes without getting bored.
I guess I'm just not that into it anymore.
Do famous guitarists do this. Probably not.
no maybe not... but be yourself and not slash or anyone else... slash is cool and was a hero of mine as i kid... but i still wanna be me, just do whats best for you, nothings worth doing if you dont enjoy it..
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so are you guys saying slash could play all day and not get bored?

Yeah probably. I could.
I don't give a **** about guitar anymore. Synthesizers are so much more fun it's not even funny. Buy yourself a microkorg or something and then enjoy your new hobby. **** guitar.
After 6 years of playing, I still enjoy playing everyday for more than 2 hours. I guess it's a question of motivation.
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Learning new material covers/originals helps me stay motivated
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I have fun playing the guitar, but the sometimes i get bored of it and have dryspells where i dont play it for a couple days because i need to learn a new song because im bored of the ones i already know.
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Seriously though, Why would you want to play for 2 hours straight?

Oh I don't know.

To get better, maybe?

Sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Other times I've practised 5 hours straight, and only stopped because my wrist felt like a cement mixer.