hello, i want to paint my guitar, and people told me pros take a lot of money! like $1000.
so i want to have a guitar like this:
my guitar is pure black with gloss finish:

how am i gonna get that black paint off? and which paint should i use? after i paint, how to i make it shiny?
thx U.G.
I think you can sand the paint off, and use acrylic paint (or spray paint if you can work it somewhat precisely), and for a gloss finish use some clear varnish. But I wouldn't do it for the money, the guitar looks way cool!
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very cool drawing, that would look incredible. I hate icemans, so I wouldn't recommend you buy a paint job for it (especially when it costs more than the guitar )
Just try and do it on your own. Sand off the paint, then add on white, then just attempt to do the blue/red. If all else fails, you can kinda swirl them together and it would still look cool. But dont get it professionally done. Not on an iceman
reminds me of that dude from system of a down he had alot of weird painted icemans like that
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judging by the questions you asked, I don't think you should try a paint job as complex as that using spraying technique without the physical help of someone with some knowledge.
An option would be to get it printed onto sticky type paper and then stick it to the guitar and then just lacquer over it........or maybe draw it on the guitar and then handpaint it with brushes and then lacquer it