guys im bored and i wanna learn a solo that puts my new metal distortion petal to a good use, but im not the greatest at soloing, so dnt make it very very complecated, but give me a challenge! THNX!!!!!
Sabbath's Paranoid

the solo from One

solo from Bark At the Moon

MOPs solo
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crazy train solo actually isnt too hard

dude idk about crazy train, cuz for sum reason i cant even get the main riff to sound right! it suks. but i'll give it a shot dude!
Yeah i would either say crazy train if you know how to tap very fast or davidian by machine head which isnt really bad
crazy trains isn't too hard... really really isn't... u need a basic knowledge of tapping and moderate speed and a bit of time spent practicing

the main riff = what u need to do is mute the E string before you move to the A... it takes some coordination and practice.... quick solution is to palm mute the E string... sounds heavier

other solos:
metallica's nothing else matters is easy.. learn the intro too
metallica's fade to black intro/outro solos are easyish if u put in the time
if u are really bored a good song to learn is master of puppets if u got the distortion... everything is easy except the solo which is intermediate and above
alice in chain has easier stuff... like them bones
nirvana is easier things
muse has good rythm and easier solos