I recently learned pitch harmonics and whammy bar tricks and all that other stuff, and I have it down flat. But I like to play blues, but I like a guitar that is capable of tapping and harmonics and the whammy, can anyone suggest one??
im looking for a little more quality.. american made?? idk something decent
HSH Ibanez? You'd be surprised - with the right amp and EQ settings, flip it over to the neck or middle pickup and you can get a great blues tone.
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Quote by succi
little more quality than a fender strat fenderdan? haha

He wants more quality than a MIM Fender, I see where he's coming from. Ibanez S series guitars are mucho versatile, and they're quite good with a pickup swap. Check 'em out.
I find that with a bit of distortion and cranking up the volume, you can still get good tapped notes and harmonics. I have an American Strat btw and it plays everything I would want it to(with the help of a good amp and pedals, of course. )