my drummer had a guitar sitting around his house and he gave it to me...its a jackson fusion pro. the jackson website has no mention of a fusion pro. i was wondering if anyone knows the price on one of these new. what the body and neck is made out of and all that thanks much
pics please!!!!
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Japanese made, 24 fret, rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, floyd rose double locking system, basswood body, black hardware, 1 humbucker, 2 singles, 24.75 scale length...

Pics? Did I nail it?
your drummer sounds like a nice guy. i looked it up on google and got this :

Short (Gibson) scale guitars, but they used normal scale necks. Very well made, and well liked. MOP inlays, JT590 (Schaller trem)... you lucky bastard

EDIT: Btw, that Bridge pup is NOT stock, and it's probably missing the JE1200 midboost. Can't beat free though.
i'll assume by your ML you're a lefty so umm.....i'll give you 100 for it and watever the shipping costs

it's really nice
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I'll have it =D

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Nice gem there.

Poplar body flamed maple top
Bound Ebony Fretboard
24 Frets
Shaller trem

The electronic looks messed up. I have the same guitar got it for 300$ with brand new duncan pickups. Incredible feeling, perfect action and stays in tune forever. This the best line of import Jacksons ever made (from 90-95). Yours is from 92-95, because the first two years the trussrod cover was plain black. They destroyed the quality after 95 because they were outselling the USA Jacksons. So if you find any old professional Jackson with ebony fretboard buy it!

This guitar was worth 1200$ in 1990, nice gift there.

More info about those incredible jackson here :

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He gave it to you for free? Thats awesome. I just bought a Jackson Professional Rhoads, it's great, definitly more than slightly comparable to the USA models. It looks like it's missing 2 knobs and some other things on it look like little worn down, but maybe its just cause of the picture. If there are any things wrong with it, I'd say put the money needed down on it, it's a really good guitar.
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