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"all fatties report to the gym!"

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music should only sound like a train running into a wall of BC riches plugged into line 6 spiders
Michael Jordan
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

Washington Redskins
MJ-no need for vid hes a god lol

Barry Sanders would be my 2nd loved him growing up!!!


Steve The Plank.
add me if you wish...
Steve the Plank, definately
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What a coincidence one time I ****ed your cousin in the eye.
Michael Johnson surely?
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It's like having the best orgasm of your life ever, but in your brain, and the opposite of that.
steve the plank

or luis anderson, oprah, bruce willis, metallica, and the 4 abandoned vietnamese sweatshop children whos eyes were gouged out by the broken hearted king of thieves, nosferatu himself
Ted: [Whispering to Bill] Your stepmom is cute.
Bill: Shut up, Ted.
Ted: Remember when she was a senior and we were freshmen?
Bill: Shut up, Ted!
Mufasa was the greatest athlete, Climbed a sheer cliff without steroids... Too bad about the whole dying thing though.
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steve the plank
If man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5,
then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, then the Devil is 6, the Devil is 6,
And if the Devil is 6,

then God is 7, then God is 7, then God is 7
This monkey's gone to heaven.

Bobby Orr
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you can be jesus.

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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The coolest thing about Pre is that he never lost a race on his home track.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Steve the Plank


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manliest string guage? barbed wire.

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