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robert keeley 2 knob compressor-- $175 shipping included
robert keeley ibanez ts9DX tube screamer "plus mod"-$135 shipping included
boss ns-2 noise suppressor--$55 shipping included
tc electronic nd1 nova delay--$220 shipping included
WOBO electronics buffer/booster--$55 shipping included

all pedals are in great shape. all have velcro on the bottom except the delay pedal.
i am in search of: analogman mini chorus
analogman mini bicompressor
pigtronix ep1 foot expression pedal
byoc lazy sprocket (boss slow gear clone)
I may be interested in the NS2 I'll let you know
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Brett has been saving for a splawn for 4 years
countries have been toppled in the time it's taking, revolutions won got a black pres


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The end of an era
NS2 $50 Shipped?
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Will toy take any trades? I have a EHX nano metal muff I'm looking to trade
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Will toy take any trades?

Sorry, I have no idea where that came from. I meant will you take any trades. haha