Whenever I have anything plugged into the audio input (the R/L thing for iPods or whatever) on my amp and turn it off, the amp turns off like usual, then lets out a small *pfft*. The other day at band practice, I cranked the gain and the feedback was terrible, and the 'fart' was a crazy raise and fall of epic proportions. I would make a video of it right now, but it's late :S

Should I be worried?
I have no idea what your talking about but I suggest your record it so we can see and tell you more definitively. It sounds hilarious, regardless.
Mine does that... but the reason i think is because theres something wrong with mine that it produces sound with no input (like static) and then when it turns off the speaker just stops and moves back into place and sits still, that stop may be the problem...
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My Peavey Bandit 65 does that!!! Its loud as hell; for me it usually happens if someone walks by it.
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dude lol to tell you the truth you have nothing to worry about.....my amp does the same thing hah! my amp turns off like normel the "pfffft" lol it's funny i've always said since the day i got the amp that it farts everytime i turn it off
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