I want to save for a new guitar but I don't know what direction to go.

I have a Fender Starcaster and it's not bad for a 1st guitar but I want a better one. I want to play Classic Rock, like AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and eventually some metallica.
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Kill yourself.
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schecter c-1 classic. $749 but at that point whats another fifty bucks? look up some reviews if you want. I love mine. genuine SD pups. I'd call it an entry level professional instrument, maybe a little more, def. not any less.
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gretsch white falcon

You're kidding.. right? I say go with the PRS.
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I brought my electric to school w/ no amp and started playing it, and some guy was like "I can barely hear it, and it doesn't sound all cool. I think it's a fake guitar"

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gretsch white falcon

Besides being a 3000 dollar guitar, it's a full hollow. Nice suggestion.

A G-400 would fit nice for your needs. If you want some more versatility, get a HSS MIM strat.
wow, some of these abbriviations are messin me up...

I'll check some reviews.
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What's your current amp?

the amp which came with the guitar which is crap.
something in Jackson's Pro series
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get an agile lp with some emg's for lke $600, or without for less

EDIT: this is the agile with emg's
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I heard some people say that you should get a better amp first. Is that true?
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I heard some people say that you should get a better amp first. Is that true?

nah, you want to learn how to play a guitar first before you will want to hear what it sounds like get a good guitar, and then amp will come when the time is right. amp is all about sound, guitar is all about feel. cheap guitar will feel AND sound bad, and good guitar will feel and sound good. a good amp will only provide the sound benefit, so if you want good sound bad feel buy an amp, if you want good feel decent sound go guitar.
It's all about feel
Ibanez S470. Very versatile guitar for almost any kind of music. I felt in love with the Ice Blue color
Looking at the stuff you want to get into I'd say an Epiphone standard or classic, PRS SE, LTD EC 400 or above and Ibanez S series are also worth looking at.

Guitars that are very versatile with sounds they can achieve,

Some of the guitars listed may be great guitars, but may not have the sound for some of the "classic rock" you want to play.

Best advice, give as many guitars as you can a try, see what you like
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Get an Epiphone G400 and then Keep saving for one badass amp, Randall make some amazing Solid State amps, that don't slash the bank.
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I think I'll go with the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Or Custom.

Looks kickass.

for an Amp, I'll go with a marshall, but I don't know which one yet. (since im focusing on the guitar right now.) reccomend an amp? 400$ max. I don't care if its used or new.
Get the G400. They're usually better than the Epiphone Les Pauls, and are easier on the eyes/hands (:

And if you're going to get a decentamp, go ask Dave_McC, he's a friggin' amp genius.
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

Epis are not very good, go for a Strat HSS.
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An amazing guitar won't sound good or even decent or even sub par through a ****ty amp.

Are you playing alone? If so, a used GT-8 with a pair of headphones will run around 300 USD. Amazing unit once you learn how to work it.

If you're going to end up playing with friends, you could always get a keyboard amp or an active monitor or something. Full Range Flat Response works good with the GT-8.
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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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