hello, I am looking to sell or trade my JEM 7DBK its in great shape, it has a small crack in the body on the back that does not affect anything and is very unnoticeable and is going to be a ***** to try get in a picture. other than this its in great shape and plays wonderful (includes hardshell case). I love it and i am in no rush at all to get ride of it, i just would rather have a JEM 7VWH i like the looks more. My sale price is $1100obo and ONLY trade is a JEM 7vwh

thank you for looking


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truthfully i dont even notice it. its a smooth finsh so its not like it feels like sand paper or anything.
Nice guitar, but i definately don't have the cash, nor am i in the UK...

nah... this is a free bump for having a ridiculously amazing carpet!
ha thanks, i dont live in the uk tho where did you get that?