hey, im looking to get a second overdrive pedal. I currently have a boss sd-1 which i use to boost treble and add just a little gain. I am looking for a second to add more gain and roll off the tone a bit and "add cream" to solos and whatnot. the bad monkey has treble and bass that might be usefull... but this is going in front of a solid state amp and it seems like marshall's Blues Breaker (BB-2) has more drive and color of its own.

If its not fender than whatever]
The BB-2 is a pretty nice pedal, it's got a thick and very smooth overdriven sound. It has two functions - Boost and Blues. When using the BB-2 as a boost the only control you have to worry about it the volume. The gain and tone knobs are bypassed when using the Boost function. It's been a while since I've had the BB-2, I honestly don't remember how the boost sounds. It's a nice pedal for the money.