i'm thinking about buying a digitech hot head for distortion.... is that a good deal/idea????
I think in that price range the DS-1 is pretty popular. What kind of tone are you trying to achieve by using a pedal?

Depending on your amp you might be better off waiting and saving for a better amp.
current amp? because the hot head is horrible. the DS1 is a bit better, but a good amp is even better.

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The hot head won't give you a Metal sound. Its more of a classic rock sort of thing
But we need Amp details. . .
The hot head is pretty cool

It's your basic "distortion" pedal, sounds good for what it is but nothing memorable about it just like the DS-1.
if u want a metal tone look at ones with the word metal in the name of the peda, METAL muff, METAL zone. always a good start

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