This ESP Kiko Loureiro signature guitar:


I don't really care about what it sounds like, I just need to find something else that looks similar (and within a reasonable price!) to this guitar before I fork out $3500 for this one. So far I could only think of the Schecter c-1 blackjack. Remember I want one with a glossy black finish and white binding.

I don't normally have GAS over a guitar's looks but that ESP guitar really caught my eye.
Is that a hammerhead shark on his frett board?! that's a bad ass looking guitar though...but no help on what it looks like...

but I want the guitar now too -_-
Thats a badass guitar, I suppose the c-1 blackjack is a little similar, but even then it won't look as badass as that.
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That is an absolutely gorgeous guitar...

If you really only care about finding a guitar that looks similar to that, though

I would suggest schecter or esp/ltd
Maybe the Mick Thompson Ibanez ?
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Yea I suppose the Mick Thomson sig is pretty close and it's priced reasonably, but the body is not as 'curvy' as the ESP guitar if you know what I mean
tbh it just looks like an ESP Horizon, but with a different pickup configuration
How much are you willing to spend?

Caparison Horus is sort of similar. You can custom order as well.


The LTD MH series looks quite similar. You can get one with see through black finish.

Also have a look at BC Rich Assassin. They are quite cool.

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+ 1 to Bowe's comment.

It looks like an ESP horizon original series but with 27 frets.

If you wanted something that looks like the Kiko Loureiro ESP sig, maybe consider the Kiko Loureiro Edwards sig? I don't know if it comes in the same finish and colour though. I've only seen a blue flamed top.
I'm willing to spend less than AUD$3500. I'm not really a fan of Caparison guitars, I don't like those clock inlays. The assassin guitars are pretty interesting, the LTD MH series does have similar looks, but there's only a couple with white binding on the body.

Edwards guitars are really hard to come across here in Australia...
I can't believe it, right now i'm actually considering selling/trading my Gibson New Century Explorer to get either the Kiko Loureiro sig or an ESP Horizon NT Standard.....
Dude check ebay there's normally a few edwards on there.
I dunno if they'll have the Kiko Loureiro sig model but you should take a look anyway.
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On Ebay right now they only have those LP shaped Edwards...

Ok so far here's my list of possible contenders, in order of preference:

1. ESP Horizon NT Standard - $2395, might take a while for me to save up but hey it's a real ESP

2. Ibanez MTM2 - $899

3. ESP LTD MH400 NT - $1299

4. BC Rich Assassin FX6 - $1099

5. ESP Kiko Loureiro sig - $3595, if everything else fails
There's also the Matt Buchand sig model.
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