first song upload <:
nothing's left to say..
pls tell me, what could be done better and stuff like that. :]
hope you'll like it.
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Really nice. I liked it. If I wasn't on the phone I'd elaborate. Other than that, I like the chord progression and harmony.
I'd say if i heard this on a movie or something i'd want to find out what band played the song. It's pretty good overall, that 11 just before the fast part of the solo sounded off key, or it's just the midi but anyways, over all it was good. I'm not much of a negative comment guy.
Hey dude, thanks for checking my "song" out. I took a few hours and "finished" it...

I dont have GP so i cant really help too much on pinpointing certain notes. However, i did hear a few notes thats sounded off but that may be the midi, and again, without GP i cant really tell you where exactly.

The part where the acoustic guitar disappears and the two electrics come in sounds great.

Definately dont change the ANYTHING before 1:00. But the at 1:20 sounds horible, but im sure thats the midi, and i can hear what i think its supposed to be. Throughout the song theres part like that though, and i think that is literally just the midi (the 2guitars dont converge too well at parts). The solo WAS short, but i think for this song it was great, just right. The ending was a bit abrupt but was OK, perhaps add a fading solo or just fade out with that ending riff? May be just me.

Thanks again