What are some good strings to buy? Every time I buy strings I'm never satisfied. I usually get D'Addario but I never really liked them. I prefer thinner strings. Can anyone recommend a good size and brand of strings? Thanks in advance.
i use GHS Boomers, they come in all sizes, depending on which guitar im putting them on, i'll get 9's or 11's.
i used to be a boomers guy, but now i buy daddario 11s (jazz/blues) cause they come in bulk, have great tone, and theyre indestructible
Markley's and Ernie Ball super slinkys are great IMO. they're really brite and I like 9's myself
Ernie Ball Super Slinkies, IMO great strings.
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Its all preference, I really can't tell the difference between string makers. I use Ernie Ball 9s, Ernie Ball Hybrids and sometimes Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms when I want to tune low, but I take what I can get

You could even mix and match, like, buy single strings and then customise the gauge for each string to match your taste. It would be a pain in the ass though.
Elixir! Expensive, but hell, they're worth it!
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