Say for example this dude beats his wife right. So his wife gets revenge and snips his manliness. Could he get it replaced with a cadavers' wood?
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No. Not directly. He would have to find an alternative way to use all his normal body functions he can't use, so unless it's in a different place, he can't. But it doesn't matter, because you can get surgery to re-attach such body parts.
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If he's gonna try to replace it with a cadaver's wood, why not just try to put his own back on?
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Maybe he has a small wee wee?
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What is a cadaver wood?
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What is a cadaver wood?

dead man penis.

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Ah, I see.

Well, to put it in internet terms: "gone penis is gone."
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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You realise that there would be quite extensive nerve damage as far as I understand (I could be wrong because lets face it, thoracic anatomy is far from pelvic anatomy). I would assume that the nerves would be dissected through the axons, and hence there would not be any sensation in the penile region of the body, eliminating any need for a 'wood'. The only benefits of a penis would be for aesthetics and surely a prosthetic penis would be as good, and there would not be the need for immuno-suppressant drugs for his entire life, or the need to find a donor with a similar blood and tissue type to the patient who had just died (it'd still need to have living tissue) and had decided that his penis would be a worthy item to donate to a recipient.

The only real reason would be to complete the urethra, but lets face it, as long as the urethra epithelium isn't directly open to the outside world, then infection can be prevented without the need for a 10inch 'wood' although that would would be less 'woody' than you'd imagine.

It's spelled cadavar by the way, and its called a penis. If you want to bring up the topic, at least learn the proper terminology for the item you are talking about.
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Maybe he has a small wee wee?
Hey, you're on to something there, Count.

I don't think this has ANYTHING to do with a wife chopping the manhood off.
I think TS is just wondering if it would be possible to get an "upgrade".

No, TS. Your little wang has to stay.
Try a strap-on attachment if you need help pleasing her.
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